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Beat the Heat

May 1, 2018


Grab three hot-sauces. Make sure that these are real hot, and order from least to most spicy. One person GMs, everyone else plays a character. Pretty standard stuff.

Character Creation

Write your character down, and allocate one of the hot-sauces to each of the following stats (your best stat will have the least spicy):

Physical. Anything that uses your body.

Mental. Your ability to debate, lie, problem solve, etc.

Spiritual. Your willpower (it’s kinda like wisdom meets constitution).

(Note to GM: If you’re unsure which skill applies in a situation, it’s probably Spiritual)

Conflict Resolution

When you want to do something, the GM will determine how many spoons of sauce you must do (based on the difficulty). You must IRL do that many tablespoons of the sauce listed under the stat to succeed. If the conflict is between two players, go back-and-forth until someone gives up.

Health and Damage

Everything deals equal damage. When you get hurt, do three spoons of your Spiritual sauce. You have one glass of milk, you are NOT allowed to refill it. You don’t die when it runs out; you die when you can’t handle it anymore.